guardAll members and guests must check in with the lifeguard prior to entry into the pool area. Our lifeguards are responsible for maintaining a safe environment to ensure all members and guests have an enjoyable time. LMSC lifeguards have the authority to enforce the pool rules and supervise the general conduct of pool users. They have the authority to ask any member to leave the pool area for any behavior they feel is disruptive to other members or may cause damage to the pool or surrounding structures. Any person who refuses to follow the direction of the lifeguards will be reported to management and the Board of Directors for appropriate action.

LMSC does not employ a cleaning crew. Lifeguards are responsible for the daily upkeep and they, for obvious reasons, cannot do it all themselves. Thank you all for your cooperation! After all, this is your property too. Thank you for your cooperation, for being respectful to our neighbors and our fantastic pool staff.


  1. Glass containers of any kind are strictly prohibited.
  2. Please dispose of your trash in the trash cans and your recyclable materials in the recycling receptacles. To minimize insects and pests, do not leave leftovers on tables and nor throw food on the ground.
  3. Wheels, roller-skates, in-line skates, skateboards and bikes are not allowed inside the pool area or the parking lot.
  4. Please keep the restrooms clean and clear of trash. Notify lifeguards if supplies need to be replenished (paper towels, etc).


drewandcrewChildren under the age of eleven (11) may not be left unattended at the pool. Please read the paragraph above regarding our lifeguards. For the safety of all (and mutual respect for fellow members) at Lindgate Manor Swim Club, please encourage your child to show proper respect and consideration when attending LMSC. Any child not following the rules or not behaving properly, will lose the privileges of attending without a parent.


Guests are allowed at Lindgate.  While there are no limits on guests per family, please be respectful of the space constraints at Lindgate.  No big birthday parties, team parties, or family reunions.  Please avoid peak attendance times and NO guests will be allowed on Memorial Day, 4th of July, or Labor Day.  Guests are $7 each or a guest card (4 guests) can be purchased for $25.  Payment is accepted at the guard shack.